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Our Story

Our mission is to empower young people to take on the power of running for any “electoral” position they like, to advocate and support young people in engaging in civic duties, to provide opportunity to young people to work in political campaigns, and to aid nonpartisan and partisan young candidates in their position of run.

Our vision is to live in a world with integrity, critical thinking, and to teach others the ethics in the differences between what is considered good and bad; to support candidates with common sense and different perspectives to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Courses of action/goals:

  1. Voter Registration Drives:

    • Organizing young people to vote

  2. Civic Engagement and Advocacy:

    • Mobilizing Gen-Z through organizing strikes with other chapter leads from other states.

    • Focusing on advocacy for nonpartisan/partisan issues for community organizing

    • Meeting with local legislators

    • Lobbying and expressing concerns to government officials

  3. Candidacy run:

    • Filing for a school board position, city council position, etc. (varies by age and state)

  4. Training Young People for Candidate Positions:

    • Understanding how running a campaign works.

    • Various campaign positions.

  5. Endorsements:

    • Prioritize the recommendations for young candidates

    • Support legislators that elevate and mentor young people into governmental positions

  6. Funding:

    • Provide campaign contributions to young candidates who make the decision to run.

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